Bridging gap with Japan

Explore new opportunities and broaden the scope of your business horizon.

WIndow of opportunity

We help clients increase profitability and employee engagement through improved communication and working relationships in multicultural environments.

For Japanese & Foreign Businesses

We have insight into Japanese business practices and the human resource and cultural challenges faced by Japanese global companies. We have experience supporting close collaboration between people and companies from inside and outside of Japan.

Business Consulting

Our expertise

We have deep experience working with Japanese organizations, a team of highly skilled bilingual and culturally sensitive professionals, and our global reach.

Why us?

We are uniquely positioned to help you navigate complex cross-cultural situations and achieve your business goals.

With Nikkei by your side

Explore new opportunities

We primarily work with Japanese organizations and non-Japanese organizations that have Japanese customers, suppliers, investors or partners. 

Japanese firms

We work with Japanese global organizations, both at their headquarters in Japan and at their overseas operations.

Global firms

We assist with post-arrival training for expatriates assigned to Japan, coaching for non-Japanese executives, and training for local hires.

Suppliers & partners

We help firms from other countries improve their ability to work effectively with Japanese customers, suppliers, investors and partners.

Our promise

Each of our client engagements is unique, but in every case the key elements are the same: We learn about the client’s situation and specific needs, design a customized solution, and deliver it with the utmost care and professionalism.


work together

We have helped clients across a wide range of industries, company sizes, and locations to deal with a broad spectrum of situations, at any level within their companies.


We work with companies across the globe.

Japan insight

We provide insight into the best way to work in Japan and with Japanese clients.


Our goal is to facilitate business for Japenese firms to work globally and global firms who want to work in Japan.